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How many fish are on the floor of Johnny Cueto's kitchen?

This Spring Training has already given us one story about questionable food safety impacting a baseball player's health. And even though it turned out that Brandon Nimmo just had a virus and probably didn't undercook that chicken, it was a good reminder that ballplayers should be mindful when handling raw meat in the kitchen.

But Johnny Cueto sees your concern about food safety and throws it on the ground ... literally.

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Even though this situation looks fishy, I'm actually inclined to trust Cueto's hygienic judgment when it comes to cooking. Based on his Instagram history, the guy is very much a pro. I'm sure he washed all these bad boys off before tossing them onto the fire, or slicing up a ceviche, or whatever it is a rehabbing starting pitcher does with 20 raw fish. 20 fish!