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Super Yankees fan Sonia Sotomayor and Aaron Judge convened a meeting of judges

The image of a judge, especially a justice of the United States Supreme Court, is that of an impartial arbiter of the law. Given how frequently they compare their role to that of a baseball umpire -- calling balls and strikes -- it's probably not surprising that many are big fans.

Prior to Friday's game against the Red Sox, Supreme Court Justice and Bronx native Sonia Sotomayor stopped by Yankee Stadium to watch her favorite team take batting practice. As an added bonus, she got to hang out with some of the players while she was there, including CC Sabathia.

Sotomayor being a Supreme Court justice, it is only fitting that she and power-hitting outfielder Aaron Judge would find each other. We know she's a fan -- she's sat in the "Judge's Chambers" at Yankee stadium before. On Friday, the justice got to meet Judge:

Hopefully Sotomayor sticks around and takes in another game from the Judge's Chambers. In the event of a replay review, it probably won't hurt to have someone from the highest court in the land in attendance ... that is, if she can set aside her Yankees fandom and approach the case objectively.