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Kevin 'Kramer' and Kevin 'Newman' gave us a perfect 'Seinfeld' moment by simply sitting together

Hello, Newman.
Pirates No. 7 prospect Kevin Kramer was one of the six players recently promoted to the big league club. He put on a Bucs uniform on Tuesday night -- just in time for the perfect photo opportunity.
Prior to the Pirates' 7-3 win over the Reds, Kramer sat next to Bucs rookie infielder, Kevin Newman, and it created a fantastic tribute to the classic show, "Seinfeld:"

Newman and Kramer are, of course, two of the characters that made audiences laugh with, well, anything and everything they did.
The baseball versions of Kramer and Newman are actually friends and were roommates during their first professional season ... which left us wondering if they participated in any shenanigans while living together: