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The LA Kings took to the ice in Dodgers warmup jerseys

When it comes to sartorial excellence, it's hard to top the royal blue, white and touch of red in the Dodgers uniform. So, it only makes sense that the Los Angeles Kings like to don Dodgers warmup jerseys every year. I mean, their usual black-and-silver look is nice, but it's not Dodgers nice, ya know?

Former Dodgers greats Bill Russell and Steve Yeager were on hand to drop the puck:

Kings center Tyler Toffoli also answered some baseball-themed questions before the game. The biggest takeaway: He'd take the glorious red beard and home run swing of Justin Turner over Mike Trout.

Turner was certainly appreciative of the nod:

Unfortunately, the Dodgers jerseys couldn't help the Kings. Mired in a difficult season and in 8th place in the Pacific Division, Los Angeles fell to the Dallas Stars, 4-3, in overtime. It has the Kings Twitter account looking forward to baseball season: