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Lourdes Gurriel Jr.'s teammates pretended to throw the ball into the stands after his first MLB hit

Blue Jays fans got a taste of the future during Friday's 8-5 victory over the Yankees. Lourdes Gurriel Jr. came up to the bigs and collected two hits and drove in three runs -- which was exactly the margin of victory, so Gurriel has already made an impact. 
But Gurriel's teammates decided to have a little fun with the new rookie. Gurriel's first career hit came in the fourth inning, when he laced a two-run single. As the Blue Jays Instagram pointed out, that's a baseball to save: 

But when the ball got back to the dugout, Gurriel's warmly dressed teammates went with the old switcheroo: 

Clearly he wasn't too bothered by the trick, given the difficult two-strike RBI hit he laced the next inning: