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Ludacris has not forgotten about the time that he referenced Bob Costas in a rap

Bob Costas has been in the announcing business for quite some time, but fame in sports is a different kind of celebrity. For instance, while my grandma couldn't tell you anything about Tom Brady, Matthew Broderick is a whole other story.

It can be hard to break through to other audiences, but in an interview with DAZN on Friday, Costas revealed the moment that he realized that he was more well-known than he thought. It was when his son, Keith, told him that Ludacris gave him a shout-out on his 2003 track, "Hip Hop Quotables."

I'd quote the line, but it's just so much better to hear Costas rap it himself. Yes, he really did that:


Ludacris thought so, too. Costas' rap cover was brought to the icon's attention on Saturday, and he gave his stamp of approval.

Will this lead to a crossover hit where Ludacris and Costas collaborate on a new version of "Welcome to Atlanta" that salutes the glory of Ronald Acuña Jr.? Probably not.

Should it? Yes.