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Khris Davis brought Mario and Luigi to visit the A's clubhouse

There's no feeling quite like coming home after a long time away. For the first time in what seems like forever, you know exactly where everything you want is and, most important, can sleep peacefully in your own bed.

On Tuesday, the A's played their first home game in nearly two weeks after a nine-game road trip took them east, so that was probably nice in its own right. But, Khris Davis decided to make the feeling even better by getting his teammates a bunch of Nintendo Switches and a special clubhouse visit from the most famous brothers in video game history: Mario and Luigi.

Davis and his teammates are no strangers to the Switch, often competing in Mario Kart on the team bus. This figures to make those games more competitive. "I just wanted to do something nice for my teammates," Davis said. "We're always supporting each other and this is just a token of my appreciation."

Even for professional athletes, meeting and hanging out with luminaries like Mario and Luigi has to be a special experience. By the looks of things, Luigi wouldn't have to change too much to fit right in in an A's uniform. Let's get him out of the clubhouse and on the field.