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Hitting your first homer as your parents are being interviewed is an unforgettable way to start a career

Get ready, because this story is pretty awesome. Meet Isan Diaz. He's the Marlins' No. 5 prospect per MLB Pipeline, and alongside Lewis Brinson he was called up by Miami prior to the team's doubleheader against the Mets on Monday at Citi Field.

The day turned out to be an incredible one for Diaz and his family, as he started in the first game against the formidable Jacob deGrom.

In the sixth inning, Diaz came up against deGrom looking for his first career hit. During the at-bat, his parents -- who'd made the trip to the ballpark to watch their son's first game -- were interviewed. And on a 1-2 pitch from deGrom, Diaz did this (warning: Isan's father is VERY excited in this clip, so adjust your volume accordingly):

This, right here, is what it's all about. What a story. What incredible timing. What a swing on a 1-2 pitch from one of the most feared pitchers in the game today!

Congratulations, Isan, and the entire family, too. This is a memory they won't ever forget.

Once the dust settled, the family resumed the interview, and Diaz's family and friends at the ballpark were clearly having a pretty great day.