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A surprise elevator meet-up with Mike Trout gave this fan an unforgettable photo-op

Imagine you're in a hotel, in town to watch some baseball games. You're in your Angels jersey and cap, on your way to grab lunch or head to the ballpark or wherever you're headed at that particular time.

You're in the elevator, and then Mr. 27 himself, Mike Trout, Mr.Incredible-At-Everything, shows up.

THE Mike Trout.

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Crazy the people you run into in the elevator

A post shared by Caleb Vaughn (@calebxvaughn) on

That fan, Caleb, and his sister, Emma, each ran into Trout during their weekend in Boston. They're both from Orange County, he's an Angels fan while she's a Red Sox fan ... hence the trip to Boston for this series.

Talk about the right place at the right time, right?

These wasn't the only Trout-related photo-ops to show up online this weekend ... as even a pair of Red Sox fans couldn't pass up an opportunity for a selfie, this time in a more traditional setting at the ballpark.

And I mean "selfie" in the literal sense, as Trout played photographer for their encounter:

I wonder, though, if that fan holding up the "No. 1" sign is for Trout or his beloved Red Sox. Maybe both? Trout would be the guy to bridge the gap between baseball allegiances, after all. He's that good.

And he takes some great photos, too.