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Credit Mike Trout for this homer, but also Noe Ramirez for catching it in his cap in the Angels' bullpen

Well, he did it again. In the third inning of Saturday night's Mariners-Angels game at Angel Stadium, Mike Trout hit a home run.

This isn't that surprising, honestly, considering Trout is in the midst of yet another unbelievable season in his incredible career. It was his AL-leading 30th homer of the season.

Out in the Angels' bullpen, reliever Noe Ramirez was ready. He opted not for his glove, but used his cap to catch the homer on the fly, and he looked comfortable doing it:

If you're wondering why Ramirez seemed so at ease making his catch, well ... this wasn't his first time. Back in April, he caught an Albert Pujols dinger the same way!