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MLB FoodFest was a glorious display of the best ballpark food around

Our experience at MLB FoodFest was documented thoroughly, but we still can't stop talking about all the delicious ballpark food we ate at the event.
From the toasted grasshoppers to the bacon-wrapped plantains, we feel obligated to spread the gospel of these iconic food items any chance we get. Our latest stop was MLB Central, where we sat down and discussed some of our favorite items and the general FoodFest atmosphere. 
After our in-depth, eloquent food reviews, we covered Cardinals rookie Tyler O'Neill and his compelling case as Baseball's Strongest Man. We also discussed the early candidates for Comeback Player of the Year, and we showed off a fierce 3-inning game on MLB The Show: 18 between the Mariners and the Indians.
Check out the video at the top of the page to see it all.