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Nas has crowned a new king of New York and he plays for the Mets

Baseball caps have long had a major place in popular music. Fred Durst had his iconic red Yankees cap. Rap group N.W.A. rocked White Sox caps back in the '90s. Justin Bieber ... well, he's pretty much worn all the baseball caps.

For whatever reason, baseball jerseys have never really caught on. That is, until now.

Recently Nas headlined The Royalty Tour with Mary J. Blige. On one of the stops, he rocked a Pete Alonso Mets jersey.

Wearing a player's jersey on The Royalty Tour automatically makes that player royalty. Therefore, Alonso is officially royalty. Those are the rules. You don't have to play for the Yankees to be New York royalty any longer. Having 50 home runs as a rookie certainly doesn't hurt his candidacy, either.

But, seriously, hopefully this is the start of more artists rocking baseball jerseys. Not only do they let you show off your fandom, but they're versatile as well. Because they're button-down, you can wear them unbuttoned to show off another shirt underneath, some jewelry or the abs you've been working on for months.

For when it gets hot on stage a couple songs into the setlist, they're also easy to take off.