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This member of the Nationals grounds crew got caught under the tarp and had to crawl out

Remember in kindergarten when they would bring out the brightly colored parachute-thing and everyone would take a piece to flap it in the air, with each person taking turns crawling underneath? I was always a little hesitant when it was my turn to go under the canopy of colors because ... what if I got trapped? 
Last night, in the Nationals' 7-3 win over the Phillies, my fear came to life during a fourth-inning rain delay. As the grounds crew brought out the tarp, one member tripped and went under the tarp. Rather than scream in panic, like I would have, he remained focused and crawled his way out: 

At least the tarp didn't also resemble a 20-foot wave like in Pittsburgh in 2015

Tarps: Nature's silent monster.