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The Capitals won their first Stanley Cup ever, and (most of) the Nationals were excited about it

(John Locher)

For the first time in the franchise's 44-year history, the Washington Capitals won the Stanley Cup. With a 4-3 victory over the Vegas Golden Knights on Thursday night in Game 5, Alex Ovechkin and the Caps hoisted Lord Stanley's Cup in the air as champions.
This was a big deal for the hockey world, and also for the Nationals -- well, at least some of them. Remember, Bryce Harper hails from Las Vegas and saw the improbable dream of the Golden Knights winning the Cup in their first year of existence come up a bit short.
He was happy for his adopted team in D.C., though: 

Sean Doolittle, meanwhile, is a recent transfer to D.C. after coming over from the A's in a trade. So he's relatively new to the whole Capitals thing, but fired off this gem after the final buzzer sounded:

Sammy Solís was pumped:

As was Trea Turner:

And F.P. Santangelo, former player and current Nats broadcaster:

Congrats, Washington! And considering how easily the Golden Knights handled Western Conference powerhouses like the Kings and Sharks, it's not hard to imagine them battling for the Cup again sooner rather than later.