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It's not a legendary World Series celebration until you're shirtless at a hockey game

A championship is won in a single moment -- an amazing moment that will live on in the memories of the Nationals and their fans for a long time, but a single moment nonetheless.

So, how to best keep the spirit of that victory in your heart forever? Why, that's simple: Just never stop celebrating it. And now we know the only way to truly celebrate: Whip your shirt off and ride around on a Zamboni at a hockey game.

The ice doesn't feel cold when the team is this hot:

Yes, after spending decades perfecting your craft and dreaming of the day when you'd be on top of the world, there is simply no way to truly show everyone how ready you are to celebrate then by ripping the tarps off.

The shirts didn't go back on in the locker room. In fact, superstar Capitals winger Alexander Ovechkin ripped his off to celebrate with the team:

An endless series of films about being young and having fun have tried and failed to capture the enthusiasm and 24-hour party that the Nationals have pulled off recently. Which is clearly proof: If you want to have a really good time, you're going to need to win the World Series.

Sorry, but I don't make the rules.