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All the best things you missed from a World Series celebration for the ages

The Washington Nationals did it. On Wednesday night, they won their first World Series in franchise history after winning two straight games on the road. Much more importantly, however, they touched off one of the wildest parties of the 21st century:

But we all know who the true beneficiaries are of a World Series victory: the fans. Aside from Ryan Zimmerman, the fans have been through more with this team than anyone. From the lean early years after moving to D.C. in 2005 to the string of recent heartbreaking NLDS losses, they were there every day supporting a team that appeared to be doomed.

After all they've been through, it didn't matter that the team wasn't in town to join in the celebration. The nation's capital was going to throw a party after a long run of futility. In fact, they didn't even need a live baseball game for an excuse to show up at Nationals Park, which sold out their Game 7 watch party.

As always, when you show up at Nationals Park in 2019, you're obligated to get hyped for Baby Shark:

Thousands of fans showed up at the ballpark on a rainy night to, essentially, watch the game on TV. There are plenty of places to do that indoors. But, you can't do this in your living room or a crowded bar:

One Nats fan has spent years showing up at games holding signs that state things that are self-evidently true. Never before has he been able to hold this particular sign, and fans flocked to get a picture with this very true statement.

But, you didn't have to be in the park to get in on the joy of the Nationals winning the World Series. As the Nationals recorded the final out in the bottom of the 9th inning, bars across the city erupted in a scene that rivaled that of the team clubhouse.

Crowd surfing usually isn't permitted in neighborhood bars, but there are exceptions to every rule.

You didn't even have to be in a bar. In fact, you could just be waiting at the corner for a bus and find yourself caught in a celebratory dance:

Dance parties broke out everywhere and even featured some live music:

They even took place when it meant navigating the wreckage from a long, nervous night of Game 7 baseball:

D.C. is a city that prides itself on being politically informed. So, even when fans are climbing on traffic lights, it's important to pick up the newspaper and keep abreast of what's going on in the world.

Finally, a news cycle everyone in D.C. can get excited about!