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A question for All-Star finalist Nick Markakis: What in the world is potato pizza?

After 28 furious hours of voting, the starters for the 2019 MLB All-Star Game were announced during an ESPN special on Thursday night. It's a preposterously loaded group, full of electric players young and old. But there's plenty of time to drool over rosters; I'm here to discuss something far more pressing.

Before ESPN unveiled the three National League outfielders, they ran a quick Q&A featuring the nine finalists. They asked them all sorts of things, from "which pitcher is the toughest to face?" to "which player is the most fun to watch?" And then they asked what seemed on the surface to be a very simple question: What's your favorite kind of pizza?

Most had fairly standard answers -- Cody Bellinger, for example, went with pepperoni. But Nick Markakis had other ideas:

Potato pizza. Potato ... pizza? Am I slowly losing my mind? Markakis grew up just outside of Atlanta -- is this an established thing that us uncultured Yankees know nothing about? How exactly does it work: Is it potato skins put on top of a normal pizza? Is the pizza turned into a baked potato -- ranch dressing for the sauce, bacon on top, the works? Can someone please put my mind at rest?