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Noah Syndergaard is just as overwhelmed by all the trade buzz around him as the rest of us

Wednesday's Trade Deadline heightens anxiety around the league. From the fans' perspective, it's anxiety over whether their team is going to pick up that big bat or power arm or trade away one of their best players for a host of prospects who may or may not contribute in a few years.

Take a step back to imagine the stress of being a player caught up in trade rumors if you can, though. Where will you be playing next week? Will you still be in the same city? With the same teammates? How tired are you of answering questions about your emotions and thought process as your name keeps popping up in trade talk?

Mets right-hander Noah Syndergaard is caught up in the midst of this right now, and it's confusing. It's ... overwhelming, even. How do I know this? I haven't spoken to the man they call "Thor," but he did post this on Twitter in the hours after the Mets (rather unexpectedly) acquired Marcus Stroman from the Blue Jays on Sunday:

A very on-brand message from Syndergaard, with an amusing GIF of Chris Hemsworth's Thor from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But his reaction goes deeper than that. It contains multitudes, you see.

Will he join Stroman and Jacob deGrom as a dominant trio in the Mets' starting staff? Or does Stroman's arrival signify Syndergaard's imminent departure? Does it mean anything? Both? Something else? It's all so confusing.

Check out Syndergaard's edited Twitter biography, too:

"Pitcher for the New York Mets, for now."

Rarely have two words said as much as this, from a man who can't scroll his Twitter feed without seeing his name pop up in tweets from national baseball writers passing along the latest juicy gossip, as that July 31 deadline nears on Wednesday afternoon.

And speaking of on-brand, Syndergaard's note that "Mrs. Met would hate to see me traded" checks out as well, given his longstanding and well-documented feud with Mr. Met.

Thor's clearly immersed in trade deadline season (or SZN, if you prefer internet vernacular) as the rest of us ... but unlike us, mashing our keyboards or furiously tapping on our phone screens with our hot takes as we devour any and all trade-related content, this actually affects him in a way we can't comprehend.

And he's watching. How will it all play out? It's too soon to tell, but there's no doubt Syndergaard will have some sort of social media comment once it happens. Or doesn't happen. Anything is possible.