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Oliver Perez stood on the mound in his socks waiting for new cleats and it was a weird scene

You think you've seen a lot watching baseball for years, but the game always finds ways to throw you off.

Here is a photograph of veteran left-hander Oliver Pérez standing on the pitching mound without shoes. He's just wearing socks.

Something happened to Perez's spikes as he took his warm-up tosses after coming into Monday's game with the Red Sox, so he summoned Cleveland's equipment manager from the dugout and changed his shoes in the middle of the diamond.

Look at this. It's strange.

Shout-out to Indians catcher Roberto Perez for the patience while these shoe shenanigans were settled. Then again, what else would he do?

Congratulations to everybody who has now read a story about an on-field shoe delay, complete with a pitcher standing around in his socks for a few bewildering minutes. It's something we won't soon forget.

After the game, Perez explained what happened ... and it all had to do with breaking a cleat.