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Gleyber Torres is torching the Orioles this season and O's announcer Gary Thorne is done with it

We wrote a post on Monday that Yankees star Gleyber Torres has hit eight of his 10 home runs this season against the Orioles. It's a stunning show of dinger rudeness against one, single team. It's hurtful.

Well, guess what, guys? Gleyber hit another against the O's in the third inning on Wednesday night. Nine of 11 homers. And, as you may have guessed, longtime Orioles announcer Gary Thorne was done with it.

And then. Gleyber did it AGAIN in the fifth inning. I don't know why the Orioles keep pitching him the ball. 10 of 12 of his dingers against them. Thorne, at this point, was ready to retire.

Add both of these to the list of Gary Thorne's greatest calls.