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The Orioles dressed up as Texas native Andrew Cashner for their road trip to play the Rangers

Sunday was the "Cashner Trip" for the Orioles.

What's that mean? Well, after Baltimore's 8-1 loss to the Giants, the team headed to the airport for a road trip. But not just any regular road trip. This time, they're heading to Arlington to play the Rangers. Right-hander Andrew Cashner hails from Conroe, Texas, so naturally the whole team dressed up as Cashner, long hair and all.

This is a strong, team-wide effort. So was Cashner's look, the inspiration for the whole thing:

Sometimes, team dress-up plans for road trips can look a bit ... mailed-in, where players maybe picked up a wig from the local department store or something. But not the Orioles, as they seem to have leaned in as an homage to the veteran right-hander for this Texas journey:

The effort!

Hanser Alberto and David Hess looked pretty good, too.

Everybody teaming up to pay tribute to a teammate? That's an inspired plan. Well done, O's.