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The D-backs got out their green jackets for a Masters-themed road trip to Atlanta

On Sunday afternoon, the D-backs wrapped up a run of nine straight home games with an 8-4 win over the Padres before heading to Atlanta to begin a road trip against the Braves. Also on Sunday, Tiger Woods wrapped up a historic performance at The Masters.

So, with the team headed to Georgia -- the home of both the Braves and Augusta National -- they all hit the road dressed in their finest gold attire, complete with plenty of green jackets. Hopefully that doesn't cramp Tiger's style.

Each D-back looks like he'd be a force on the links, but one player truly stole the show. No one has ever looked better in the green jacket than Archie Bradley.

Hopefully Tiger didn't stick around too long after the Masters because, otherwise, we're about to find out if Georgia is big enough for both him and the D-backs.