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Adam Ottavino finally got to face off against Babe Ruth in the newest Yankees commercial

Back in December, then-free-agent reliever Adam Ottavino went on the MLB Statcast Podcast and confidently posited that he would strike out Babe Ruth. Ottavino's argument (which is absolutely correct, by the way) centers around the idea that Ruth, despite dominating his own era, never saw any pitching remotely as nasty as Ottavino's.

No one in that day and age was throwing fastballs in the mid-90's or ripping off sliders with this much movement.

Then, Ottavino went and signed with the Yankees, and as a result sort of walked back his very on-point claims. A small bummer, for sure, as his original contention was equally hilarious and undeniably factual. Unfortunately, we'll never actually get to test things out as Ruth is very much gone from this earth.

But thankfully the Yankees, with the help of some old footage and some outstanding video effects, Frankenstein-ed together the matchup we've all been dreaming about. Or in Ottavino's case, nightmaring about.

This clip is definitely funny and kudos to Ottavino for having a playful attitude about the whole thing, but the guy should have stuck to his guns. He'd absolutely strike out Babe Ruth and it's not even a question. Ruth is the one who should be having nightmares about Ottavino, considering the rest of the league now already does.