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Patrick Mahomes' golf swing looks a whole lot like a baseball swing

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback and once-great baseball toddler Patrick Mahomes won't be playing in the Super Bowl next week thanks to the New England Patriots and their baseball bum of a QB, Tom Brady. But Mahomes is an athlete, which means he needs to keep those quick-twitch muscles working even when there's no gridiron in the near future.
So Mahomes and his teammate Gehrig Dieter (yes he's named after Lou, and his brothers are named after Thurman Munson and Nolan Ryan) went down to the local Top Golf to golf it up. Now, you might be confused right now: "Why is this baseball website telling me about a football player's golf swing?"
Well, just watch this video.

That's a baseball swing. I don't care if he's holding an iron shaft and using it to hit tiny pebbled balls instead of larger seamed ones, that's a baseball swing. And a really fluid one at that.
Don't believe me? Here's a crudely made photoshop to prove my point.

Other than the skinny jeans, Mahomes' swing fits right in on a baseball diamond.
It's so impressive that Mahomes can even make contact with that tiny pea of a ball swinging like this, let alone drive the ball with authority like he does. Forget Kyler Murray, this is the football boy we need to get on the baseball field.