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The Phanatic stopped by the Sunday Night Baseball booth and A-Rod was not ready for it

As a mascot, the Phillie Phanatic is obviously an expert when it comes to entertaining fans with his antics and mesmerizing belly wiggling. But what sets him apart from many other mascots is his unique ability to make broadcasters and opposing players uncomfortable.

He was up to his old tricks once again as the Phillies took on the Braves on Sunday Night Baseball. During the third inning he paid a visit to the broadcast booth and ... let's just say that Alex Rodriguez would probably have chosen other company.

The Phanatic was up in A-Rod's business for the entire segment, whether he was blowing his nose on A-Rod's tie or just getting a little too into his personal space. It definitely took him out of his comfort zone.

It's OK, A-Rod. The Phanatic has been making broadcasters and opposing teams uncomfortable for over 40 years. It's his job, after all, and he's very good at it.