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Who needs energy drinks when you can watch this pitcher sprint to the mound like a raging bull?

The everyday grind can be a drag. The "2:30 Feeling" is a real thing, and no matter how many cups of coffee you slam down your gullet, the afternoon can slog on like a marathon race you never end up winning.

This routine can get pretty obnoxious, honestly. We've all been there, especially if we work in an office. That feeling, that seemingly endless waiting can make anybody look like vintage Britney Spears.

While the pull of an energy drink or extra cup of coffee can feel alluring, it won't do anything. I would know -- I've developed an immunity to both, and it's lame.

But I've discovered something. A revolutionary, ground-breaking new stimulant that has no adverse health effects (which those nasty energy drinks cannot promise). In fact, it just might make you want to run through a wall ... in a good way. I'm saying it'll energize you.

It is Phillies reliever Jared Hughes in an all-out sprint from the bullpen to the mound, from Philly's 5-2 win over the Red Sox on Wednesday.

OK, I'm good for another few hours now.

For Hughes, a 6-foot-7 right-hander currently in the Phillies bullpen, this is just what he does, ever since his catcher in the Minor Leagues suggested Hughes try it to pick up some momentum and see if it carried over on the mound.

He made it to the Majors shortly thereafter, and he's kept with the routine ever since.

And now I will too, instead of just shoving more caffeine into my veins. You should try it, too. Picture this:

*Alarm goes off*

"UGH. I can't get up. Five more mi-"

*This starts auto-playing on your phone*

The next thing you know, you're in the kitchen, fully dressed, wolfing down some toast or oatmeal or cereal or eggs or whatever before you rush out the door and go about our morning.

You're welcome.

And thanks, Jared Hughes, for making this all possible.