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Here are some better ways for pitchers to get back at hitters who bat flip

You may have already heard, but the White Sox Tim Anderson hit a home run yesterday, flipped his bat and made the Royals really angry. So angry that the next time up, Anderson was plunked by a pitch on the backside.

Hitting a batter after they celebrate a dinger (or even, you know, just dinger) is an attitude ingrained in baseball history. It's been the go-to response for a long time. But it's also dangerous and, pretty obviously, an easy way out: A hitter did his job and hit a huge home run off of you, so now, instead of doing your job and getting him out, you just get mad and throw a ball at him?

There are, unsurprisingly, better ways to react. There are more clever ways to upstage a bat flip.

Step 1: Get the batter out. Step 2: Do any of the below:

The single fist-pump and stare

An easy celebration technique that every starter and reliever can pull off. It also helps if you have an intimidating mustache like Dennis Eckersley.

Backpedal off the mound while fist-pumping and yelling

Jose Lima did this all the time and the fans absolutely loved it. What's not to love? Look at how much fun this guy's having.

Shoot a pretend arrow

A Fernando Rodney classic that can, and should, be copied by others around baseball. As long as you clear it with Fernando.

Kiss your biceps

Although they do most of the actual work, arms don't get the affection they deserve. So, go ahead, kiss them.

Stick your tongue out

It may seem childish, but it can also break the concentration of the batter in the box. Look at Derek Jeter briefly lose his cool after Joba Chamberlain did it to him a few years ago.

Break down laughing

Felix Hernandez did this routinely against good friend Adrian Beltre.

Do a shimmy

Red Sox-Yankees games bring out some of the best emotions from pitchers.

Point at the strikeout and run toward home plate

A bit obnoxious, but that's kinda the point, right?

Whatever it was that Jose Valverde used to do

Valverde was an interesting man with a very interesting celebration technique. See below for more.

Dance, Papa Grande. Dance.

Do a backflip

If your body allows, this is probably the ultimate way to get back at a hitter who flipped his bat. A Twins Minor Leaguer does it after every game he saves.