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The power went out at Dodger Stadium and it looked incredibly eerie

You should always expect the unexpected at the ballpark -- because even if you do, things can happen that will totally catch you off guard anyway.

Dodger Stadium was the setting for an especially weird evening on Saturday, as the Padres and Dodgers battled it out once again. After Austin Hedges tied the game with a ninth-inning homer off Kenley Jansen, the teams headed into the 12th inning ... and the power went out, for the second time this season.

It looked as strange as you'd expect: 

With lights only remaining in the hallways, stadium concourse and scoreboards, it created an eerie, half-lit atmosphere that is perfectly captured in this photograph of the Padres dugout:


Dodgers announcer Joe Davis passed the time during the delay to post live on his Twitter page, as no mere electrical outage can stop social media: 

After things got back to normal and the lights came back on, it only took Justin Turner and the Dodgers one pitch to pick up a walk-off 5-4 win, which was pretty much how a game like that had to end. 

So what happened, exactly? The Dodgers explained in an official statement after the game was over: