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This fan has to get an A's tattoo because Ramon Laureano hit a grand slam

In the eighth inning of Wednesday's A's-Rays game from Tropicana Field, outfielder Ramón Laureano stood at the plate with the based loaded, looking to do some damage and untie a 2-2 ballgame.

This A's fan on Twitter was hyped -- so much so, that a promise was made:

Most of us probably think like this to ourselves from time to time, ascribing an outlandish value to something we don't control, like "If I throw this piece of paper into the trash can it means I'm winning the lottery tomorrow," or whatever.

This guy won the lottery, though, with "the lottery" in this case referring to getting a tattoo because a baseball player hit a home run:

BOOM. It's out there, for all to see.

This sort of thing has happened before, of course -- just last October, a Braves fan had to get Ronald Acuña Jr.'s face on her forearm because she said she would. She showed up in this A's fan's mentions with her proof:

The next step is actually getting the tattoo and following through on the promise. Because again, it's out there on the internet, so it must be done.

Until it is, I have to bust out this overused but perfect GIF to sum up the proceedings ...

Update! We have a date for the tattoo:

taylor trammell