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MiLB teams unveiled their alternate identities and logos for the Copa de la Diversion and they're fabulous

The 2018 Minor League season will feature the inaugural Copa de la Diversion -- or Fun Cup -- a 160-game event series that will feature 33 teams across 19 states representing every level of Minor League Baseball from Class A Short Season to Triple-A. As part of the event, teams will adopt alternate identities and logos.
On Tuesday, MiLB unveiled those 33 identities along with their corresponding caps. Following in the footsteps of the Charlotte Caballeros, the Las Vegas Reyes de Plata and the Visalia Toros from 2017, these 33 hats are all beautiful. So, here they all are.
That Los Chivos de Hartford cap is scary, but in the best possible way:

A turtle swinging a baseball bat is the logo we needed, but didn't know we wanted:

Yes, that's a flying flip-flop and it's as awesome as you think it is:

Chihuahuas may be small in stature, but I wouldn't want to be matched up against that El Paso Chihuahua:

The Reyes de Plata are back and better than ever:

Did they intentionally save the best for last? Between the Hillsboro Lupulos, Monarcas de Eugene and Everett Conquistadores, this lineup could contain the three best hats in the entire Copa:

The Copa de la Diversion gets underway on April 8 in Round Rock, Texas. Watch it for the baseball, but, most of all, watch it for the fresh uniforms.