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Jerry Seinfeld used a full windup and sidearm delivery for his Mets first pitch

When you've incorporated baseball as much into your routine and comedies as Jerry Seinfeld, it brings along certain expectations. You're eventually going to have to put your money where your mouth is and take center stage for the sport in some way, too.

Seinfeld has done that and then some over the years, and on Friday, he returned to Citi Field once again. This time, the Mets were celebrating "Seinfeld Night" in honor of the signature show's 30th anniversary.

It must have been nice for so many people involved with the Mets to meet Seinfeld, but he was just thrilled to meet Queens' newest star: Pete Alonso.

That's better than a game-used bat -- it's a personalized Pete bat, just for Jerry.

As for Seinfeld's first pitch? Well, he's a baseball purist for a reason. So, not only did he throw straight from the rubber, but he added in a smooth sidearm delivery, too:

It'd be easy to forget that Seinfeld turned 65 in April with the quality of that pitch.

Also, no trip to Citi Field is complete for Seinfeld without an entertaining guest appearance alongside Gary Cohen, Ron Darling and Keith Hernandez in the Mets' TV booth. After all, he's Keith Hernandez.