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A baseball is definitely not supposed to be thrown all the way up there

When you're at a baseball game, it's always key to remember that a baseball may find its way to you. You just wouldn't expect it to happen like THIS.

In Friday night's A's-Rangers game from Globe Life Park, something happened. It was a weird, wild and wacky scene, fitting for a Friday the 13th, actually. Here it is:

WHAT ON EARTH is happening, right? Why did Shawn Kelley chuck the baseball into the second deck behind home plate?

That's not ordinarily a thing you expect to see at a game. I've never seen it, personally, and I've been to hundreds of games in my life. And yet, there it is, the result of a time-out call by A's outfielder Mark Canha, who stepped out of the batter's box as Kelley was preparing to throw a pitch.

Look at where this landed. I assure you, nobody up there was expecting to catch a pitch. A foul ball, maybe, but definitely NOT a pitch.

On the other hand, Friday the 13th is supposed to be a bit ... odd.

It all makes sense now.