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The Phillie Phanatic stole a camera and filmed some tremendous content

For years, the Phillie Phanatic has gotten joy out of getting up in broadcasters' business and making their jobs a little bit harder. His antics have proven capable of flustering Alex Rodriguez.

On Sunday, the Phanatic expanded his attack on baseball broadcasts and seized the means of production. Prior to the Phillies' game against the Marlins, he stole a video camera from an unsuspecting cameraman and sped away.

And you better believe he put that camera to work, though the quality of the product was closer to a child's attempt at recording a home video than a professional broadcast. Honestly, that may be a bit insulting to the aspiring child videographer.

The Phanatic's efforts at filming the pregame action were not good by any definition and he probably annoyed everyone involved. But, like the objectively annoying behavior of the neighbor in a sitcom, it's all part of his charm. Never change, Phanatic.