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Yasiel Puig roasted new teammate Curt Casali's taste in cars

Yasiel Puig's 2019 Spring Training has been one unlike any other he has ever experienced. Since his December trade from the Dodgers, he has taken the Reds by storm, showing off his antics to a new legion of fans while making surprising allies with Joey Votto to assist his foundation.

It's been a whirlwind, and through it all, Puig has continued being, well, Puig. Catcher Curt Casali learned that the hard way while getting ready to leave the park after the Reds' game on Saturday against the Indians.

When Puig saw what Casali was driving, he did not hold back:

Well, I guess we won't be seeing Puig cruising around in a Kia Soul anytime soon. We respect Casali for his fiscal choices though. Regardless, he took the ribbing in stride.

The man obviously has pride in his car, but maybe if he had Puig's credit card, he would get something a little bit swankier.

Actually, Casali should just roll around in a golf cart next time. We know Puig likes those.