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Yasiel Puig met a fan after seeing his sign in the stands

For as long as there's been baseball, fans have been bringing signs to games. Traditionally those signs ask pretty simple and minimally onerous things of players, such as "Go [insert favorite player name here]!" or "Hit it here, [power hitting player]."

In the last couple years, however, fan signs have started to ask more of players and, the results have been oddly successful. A fan requested a catch with Austin Meadows and got a catch with him. Another fan inspired Christian Yelich to hit a home run and got a puppy for her effort.

The latest dispatch from this trend may just be the most heartwarming one yet. The Reds just finished up a series in New York City against the Mets on Thursday and, before he left, Yasiel Puig made sure to meet up with a special fan who caught his attention with a sign.

While it's certainly nice that this fan got to meet Puig, the important thing is that his surgery was a success. That way, he can get to meet up with his new friend Puig next time he's in NYC.