Loaded Value FAQ

Detroit Tigers loaded value tickets are game tickets that have additional food, beverage, or cash stored in the same barcode that is used to scan into the ballpark.

How do I use the loaded value?

Present your ticket, and the barcode will be scanned to use the stored value. You must have your ticket with you, barcode intact. If using a mobile ticket, you will be asked to scan your game ticket barcode from your mobile device at the point of transaction.

I'm unsure if my ticket has loaded value, can I check the balance?

Yes. Your balance can be checked by bringing your ticket to any Concession Stand, Guest Services, or the Box Office.

Where can the stored value be redeemed?

Added Value can be used for purchases at any concession (*Exclusions apply), D-Shop, or retail locations in Comerica Park. Some ticket specials come with a specific item from concessions-Hot Dog/Soft Drink/Bag of Chips can be redeemed at any Big League Grill within Comerica Park, and Leinenkugel's Party Pack Value can be redeemed at the Miller Lite Pitcher's Pub and the Blue Moon Brewhouse.

Are there areas where loaded value is not accepted?

  • Motor City Casino Hotel Tiger Club
  • Blue Moon Brew House (except for Leinenkugel's Draft beer)
  • Gallagher Suite Level
  • Jack Daniel's Champions Club
  • Almond stands
  • Miller Lite Pitchers Pub (except for Leinenkugel's Draft beer)
  • Beer Hall/Tiger Den
  • In seat service
  • Vending

If I buy something of lesser value, do I get cash back?

No. If your purchase is less than the cash value stored on your ticket barcode the balance will remain there for use until it expires at the end of the game.

Can I purchase something of greater value than the cash value loaded on the ticket?

Yes. Once your ticket barcode is scanned and the value is applied to your purchase, any remaining balance can be paid with cash or credit card. You may use more than one ticket barcode containing loaded value for a transaction.

Will the loaded value transfer if I forward my ticket?

The value on a Season Ticket will not transfer if forwarded to someone else. Loaded value on all other tickets will transfer for use if forwarded to another patron.