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Adam Jones paraded around in a bullpen cart to get Ketel Marte into the All-Star Game

As anyone who has worked on a political campaign will tell you, few things are as important as getting "boots on the ground." Sure, the candidate has to have a compelling personality and good ideas, but none of that really matters if you can't get anyone out to cast a vote for her.

D-backs outfielder Adam Jones clearly understands the value of grassroots campaigning. Second baseman Ketel Marte was the only Diamondback to make it through to the final round of All-Star voting -- so, with ballots open until 4 p.m. ET Thursday, Jones grabbed a bullpen cart and took a morning ride around the environs of Chase Field to make sure the base was energized and ready to turn out at the polls.

Independent of Jones' help, Marte is a strong candidate. He entered Wednesday hitting .314 with a career-best 20 home runs while leading the National League with 99 hits. But, like a former president making campaign stops for a current candidate, Jones' status as a five-time All-Star could be the factor that puts Marte over the top.

And, if Jones' commitment to brave the 100-degree weather to get out the vote didn't convince you, at least listen to the kid with the megaphone. He knows what's up.