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The Brewers made shirts transforming broadcaster Bob Uecker into Michael Jordan

The Brewers have enjoyed a close and fun relationship with broadcaster Bob Uecker for some time now. The entire team paid tribute to him on a travel day last summer, and even dug up a picture of him in a swimsuit and stuck it onto the front of a T-shirt.

After the team swept the Rockies in the NLDS, Uecker joined the team's clubhouse celebrations. He was every bit as excited as the players.

Over the weekend, the Brewers paid yet another tribute to their broadcaster. During their last homestand, pitcher Gio Gonzalez bought Uecker a pair of Air Jordans. When he wore them to a game later, Uecker did his best impression of the Jordan logo.

The result? A beautiful line of T-shirts and hoodies.

The only thing that could make this better would be the Brewers putting on a dunk contest for Uecker. Actually, they should really think about making that happen.