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Brian Goodwin definitely did not intend for all this nonsense to happen on his throw home

If you have a dog that enjoys playing fetch, you no doubt have done that fake-out thing with your arm.

You know, the thing where you wind up as if you're going to throw the tennis ball/toy/sock/random debris and let loose, but don't. The dog buys the gag, naturally, because dogs are all-loving creatures who trust us 100 percent -- a bond that allows for these shenanigans to happen.

Angels outfielder Brian Goodwin did this in the fifth inning of Thursday's game with the A's in Anaheim, and it was just as amusing. This time, the dog was swapped for the camera, which assumed (naturally) that the ball was headed to the plate. Goodwin was not trying to do this, though.

Whoops! Let's watch that one more time.

That's just a bunch of unintentional nonsense, right there. It happens. But, Goodwin's definitely good at the dog fake-out thing. That's what's important here.