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The Mariners delivered a perfect throw to home but no one was there to catch it

Anyone who's played youth baseball has heard from a coach that there's never a reason to just be standing around on the field. There's always somewhere to be moving, either to run down the ball, cut off a throw, or backup some eventual throw. What happens, though, when your obligation to cover a base comes in conflict with you obligation to back up a throw?

During Monday night's game against the Astros, the Mariners discovered the answer to that question on a ground ball to shortstop Dylan Moore. He decided to try to get Alex Bregman out at home, while catcher Omar had designs on backing up a throw to first. Unsurprisingly, it didn't turn out too well:

You have to give Moore credit -- his throw was right on target and appeared to beat the runner home. Of course, that was all sort of a moot point since the Narváez was on his way up the first-base line. At least everyone was moving around. Little League coaches everywhere would be proud.