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Eugenio Suarez nearly got trampled by the Brewers racing sausages

You'd think that people would've learned by now. The Brewers have held a sausage race -- five sausage mascots (bratwurst, Polish, Italian, hot dog and chorizo) running around the warning track -- during games at Miller Park for some 25 years.

25 years! It's older than The Lion King, for goodness sakes, and it's scared the daylights out of plenty of players over that time. The message should be pretty clear: When you're in Milwaukee, look both ways before crossing back onto the diamond.

And yet, here's Eugenio Suarez on Wednesday afternoon, strolling away from the dugout with his back turned to the outfield like he's in a Final Destination sequel. LOOK OUT:

Hey, throw your arms up all you want, but chorizo isn't stopping. That sausage means business.

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