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Marcus Stroman's deeply inspirational Twitter account is here to help Mets fans get through 2019

The Mets launched the first fireworks of Trade Deadline season on Sunday, acquiring Blue Jays ace Marcus Stroman for a pair of prospects. The ramifications of the deal are nearly endless, both for the Mets -- Do they now have the best starting rotation in baseball (and the highest swag quotient)? Will they make a run for one of the NL's Wild Card spots? What does this mean for Noah Syndergaard's sanity? -- and contenders around the league.

But while it'll take months, even years, to fully grade the Stroman trade, one winner is immediately apparent: the millions of Mets fans around the world. Sure, the 2019 season hasn't gone the way you might've thought when your team acquired Robinson Cano and Edwin Diaz over the winter. Your team is in fourth place. Things have been, uh, stressful.

You can breathe a little easier now, though. Because New York didn't just acquire Stro -- it also acquired Stro's Twitter account, and within Stro's Twitter account lies the key to surviving any baseball season, no matter how full of injuries and/or curses. Allow these pearls of wisdom to lead you down the path to enlightenment, and remember: You've got Pete Alonso for at least five more years.

When your Yankees fan friends start talking nonsense

When Skip Bayless specifically starts talking nonsense

When your team drops a game to the Phillies and things look bleak

When the night is darkest just before the dawn (or you just really hate rain delays)

When someone tells you that the postseason is out of reach

When the Mets fall behind early and/or you're trying to stream the game in an elevator

When you're tired of the haters

When it's time to laugh and plot