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110 years ago, Moonlight Graham from 'Field of Dreams' made his only MLB appearance

Moonlight Graham played only MLB game today in 1905

Imagine climbing Mount Everest, but not being able to plant a flag at the summit. That's basically what happened to former MLB outfielder Archibald Wright Graham. Affectionately known as "Moonlight," Graham appeared in exactly one MLB game. 

On June 26, 1905, the 27-year-old Graham played one inning in the outfield to close out a game for the New York Giants. He had zero chances in the field and did not get a plate appearance. 

"It was like coming this close to your dreams, and then watching them brush by you like a stranger in a crowd." - Moonlight Graham, Field of Dreams

Later, Moonlight Graham and his stat-line of goose eggs were immortalized in "Field of Dreams," where he got a second shot at playing ball, but gave it up to save little Karin Kinsella. It's also when he taught the public at-large about the greatest feeling in the world: