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Rochester Red Wings to honor the Deaf community with special ASL jerseys

Minor League jersey promos are all the rage. Normally, they are hilarious, over-the-top homages to silly pop culture nostalgia -- from Spongebob to Star Wars, and Home freaking Improvement of all things.

But this year, the Rochester Red Wings have put together a promotion that's just a little more important than that: On April 28, they'll mark Deaf Culture Day with jerseys and caps that spell out the team's name in American Sign Language.

Rochester has one of the largest Deaf populations with businesses throughout the city offering Deaf-friendly services, so the team's tribute is fitting. To mark the day, the game will feature a silent inning with no announcements or music made and sign language interpreters will be stationed throughout the park. They will also bring back former team superhero and NTID graduate, Ogden Whitehead, who will reprise his role as "Recycleman."

It's an exciting idea and one worth emulating around the sport.