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Blake Snell broke his toe after attempting to move a 'decorative stand' in his bathroom 

The Rays will be without ace Blake Snell for one start, as the lefty was placed on the 10-day injured list on Tuesday after fracturing a toe.

How he fractured that toe, though, is a story that doubles as an important lesson for all of us: never move things. Or, to be more specific, never try moving bathroom decorations, because you never know when they'll betray you and smash your toes into bits.

Obviously, the takeaway here isn't "don't shower," because that'd be ridiculous. But I do have to ascribe some blame here to the "decorative stand," because the word "decorative," at least how I interpret it, seems to me to imply "non-functional," which, in a bathroom, makes no sense.

And granite? That seems unnecessarily heavy for something as frivolous as a "decorative stand," doesn't it? I have all kinds of issues with this stand, not only because it put one of the best pitchers in the game on the shelf for a week.

There's an impossibly rich history of baseball players injuring themselves, whether at Spring Training, cooking dinner or even playing with their children -- so Snell probably got off lucky, since this injury wasn't suffered by a slip in the shower itself (which I personally can attest can do some real damage).

See you back on the mound soon, Blake.