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I for one can't wait to watch Major Leaguers launch dingers into the world's most famous corn field

The 2019 season still has so much in store -- Pete Alonso's attempt to slay the Baseball Gods, for one -- but we've already got a reason to get hyped for next year: On Aug. 13, 2020, the Yankees and White Sox will play a game on a farm in little Dyersville, Iowa ... otherwise known as the site of "Field of Dreams".

Yes, seriously, that "Field of Dreams". Like, smack in the middle of a bunch of corn. (Actual Kevin Costner may or may not be included.)

Maybe you weren't wild about the movie. Maybe you found it a little maudlin, or maybe you're just really, really afraid of ghosts. Maybe you've never seen it at all. Either way, please, I beg of you, don't overthink this -- because this is going to be awesome.

To review: Jose Abreu, Aaron Judge and company -- men so large that not even local restaurants are safe when they're at the plate -- get to stand in the middle of America's heartland and take turns launching baseballs at neighboring cows or whatever. Look at this place! Look at this sunset! Now imagine this in the foreground:

But this isn't just any field of dreams. If you build it, they will come, James Earl Jones told us, and because a voice like that would never lie, MLB is _building it_: a temporary 8,000-seat field right next to the original, with windows in the right-field fence showing the rolling farmland beyond. You have to walk through corn fields just to get there, presumably after flying atop the wings of a bald eagle.

God, I cannot wait for this. You want to play basketball, you need a couple of hoops. You want to play football, here's a big ol' stadium. Baseball, on the other hand, requires nothing but green grass and blue sky and a place to put your beer. Baseball is everywhere. Baseball is eternal. Now grab some peanuts, and I'll see you in Iowa.