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Zack Greinke thinks throwing a no-hitter would be more trouble than it's worth

Few things get fans to rush to find a TV or dig through sofa cushions for the remote quite like a pitcher taking a no-hitter into the late innings of a game. They're events that you only see a couple times each season. Your favorite team will probably only have a handful of no-hitters during your lifetime. You don't want to miss one.

Even though he's never thrown a no-hitter, Zack Greinke does not agree. On Thursday night, he took a no-hitter into the seventh inning against the Nationals. When Trea Turner beat out an infield single to lead off the seventh, you would expect Greinke to be disappointed to see his chance at history slip away.

Actually, it seems he was relieved to give up a single. You see, Greinke has no interest in throwing a no-hitter. “It’d probably be more of a hassle than anything,” he said. "A bunch of nonsense comes with it. I don’t think about no-hitters, ever.”

When you think about it, he may just have a point. A no-hitter may well be followed by a week's worth of going on talk shows and all other sorts of demands on his time. A two-hit shutout is just as effective and saves everyone the trouble of finding a TV on short notice, scheduling interviews and otherwise disrupting their lives and routines.

Zack's got it right. Who has time for that kind of nonsense anyway?