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Community Newsletter

Letter from Shawn McClain

VOL 4, ISSUE 2  • JUNE/JULY 2016

There is nothing like a cool breeze in your face, putting a baseball card in the spokes of your bicycle to make it sound like a Harley, and riding down the street as fast as you can to feel a real sense of freedom!

Do you remember doing that? Of course you do! That's what all kids do and what all kids want. Having a bicycle for some kids is just a thought, a dream, or a luxury and then being educated on how to be safe is typically an afterthought. That is why the Arizona Diamondbacks Foundation and Safelite Auto Glass have teamed up to present the D-backs Safelite Triple Play Summer of Safety for Kids. On June 17, as part of the program, we built and donated over 100 bicycles and helmets to kids at the MLB All-Star/D-Backs Branch of Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Phoenix.

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