Here's what scouts saw at the Futures Game

July 16th, 2018

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Sunday's SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game featured the most fun in the two-decade history of the prospect showcase. The United States beat the World 10-6 in a contest that featured eight home runs, 103-mph fastballs and phenoms doing phenomenal things.

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After the game, MLB Pipeline caught up with three scouts to get their impressions. Here's what they thought:


Scout One

There were a lot of hitters who stood out. [Dodgers OF] Yusniel Diaz hit two home runs. I had just got done seeing him and I think he's taking that next step where he could be a pretty impactful player. I saw him when he was doing all of his workouts in the Dominican Republic after he came out of Cuba, and now it looks like it's all coming together as a speed/power player.

The U.S. hitters who I've seen during the year -- [Angels OF] Jo Adell, [Blue Jays SS] Bo Bichette, [Rockies SS] Brendan Rodgers -- they didn't do so much during the game but they all have a chance to be impactful players.

Scout Two

I thought unquestionably the best player on the field for both teams was [Padres SS] He was head and shoulders over everyone else. He showed me he can swing the bat. He'll hit for average and hit for power. He uses the whole field. I was impressed with Tatis' defense too. He's athletic for a big kid, nice actions and movements.

[Reds OF] Taylor Trammell has a short stroke and stays inside the ball. He gets the bat head to the ball really well. He got my attention with his home run, the way he was balanced and stayed inside the ball. He doesn't really chase pitches. The pitches he turned on were good pitches. In my mind, that power is going to come. He should be a 25-home run guy or more. He's got a chance to be pretty good.

Brendan Rodgers can really play. If I had to pick a player on the U.S. team, I'd pick him No. 1.

Scout Three

[Twins OF] Alex Kirilloff and Taylor Trammell stood out to me the most on the U.S. team. Kirilloff has such a good load and the barrel stays in zone a long time. I think he understands what he wants to do at the plate. Trammell keeps getting better and stronger. He has always had feel for the barrel but now the ball is carrying to big parts of the field. Both have good zone feel for young hitters. I know there's a lot of pressure on both profiles because they both likely end up on corners but they can hit.


Scout One

There was some major velocity in the Futures Game. I love [Athletics LHP] Jesus Luzardo. He has a chance to be pretty good. If he just keeps refining his secondary stuff, he has a chance to be a top-of-the-rotation guy.

[Reds RHP] Hunter Greene was extreme velocity, 100-103 mph. He's got to work on his command and his downward plane and his life. His fastball can be true but it's power-power stuff.

[White Sox RHP] came in and threw well. I had him up to 98 mph with a pretty good curveball and even a pretty good changeup -- I saw one at 87 mph.

[Cardinals RHP] Dakota Hudson was 96-98 mph and his slider and cutter were both impressive. I loved him in college.

Scout Two

The one thing to remember in this game is that velocity is overrated. It's do they have movement? Do they have deception? Do they have secondary pitches? Do they know how to mix? You saw what happened today. Hunter Greene had the top velocity of all and got hit harder than anybody.

I've seen [Yankees LHP] a lot. I think that was pretty typical Sheffield today. I've seen him use his secondary stuff a little better and mix his pitches a little better. He seemed amped up and gave up a home run but he'll be OK.

[Braves RHP] Kyle Wright did a good job. He stayed within himself rather than throwing to the gun.

Scout Three

Pitching was a little more difficult this year. Dakota Hudson's stuff was very live. His fastball/slider will be effective regardless of his ultimate role. I'm not in love with how he does it but it's improved and he was impressive today.

Hunter Greene had a bit of a rough day but wow! Tremendous arm, body and velocity. He'll figure it out and once he tightens up the breaker and goes to a traditional slider, I think he'll take off. 100-103 mph? Come on!


Scout One

The guy I hadn't seen was [Royals OF] Seuly Matias. He was impressive in batting practice and with the ball he hit out during the game. It's starting to come together for him. He has a chance to be very impressive. He has 26 homers in mid-July at age 19? Wow.

Scout Two

I hadn't really seen Jesus Luzardo before today but he was one of the better pitchers. He had a really good changeup. He has to improve his slider, which got slurvy, though he threw a few good ones. I like his delivery and he had an idea on the mound.

Scout Three

I think seeing [Padres OF] Buddy Reed on a big stage show like he did probably surprised people the most. Like is-this-guy-for-real kind of thing. I do think he's got a shot. It's nice to see a kid take the bull by the horns and make real adjustments when things weren't going well. There's something to be said for plus athletes as well.