Inbox: Looking at the Top 100 Draft prospects

December 16th, 2021

We’re doing something a bit different with this week’s MLB Pipeline Inbox. On the heels of the release of our 2022 Top 100 Draft Prospects list, I held a Twitter Q&A to answer a whole bunch of MLB Draft-related questions. The results of that chat are below. All questions have been answered with the “the list can/will change a whole lot between now and the Draft in July” disclaimer.

Do you think Cole Young makes sense at 10 for Colorado? -- @WilliamBane122

While I'm a big Cole Young fan (not just because of the Pittsburgh connection), if we're drafting right now, that might be a stretch since we have Young at No. 15. I could see him playing his way up to the top 10, though. For what it’s worth, Jim Callis went Stanford outfielder Brock Jones at 10 in his way too early mock.

Jett Williams comp? Kiké Hernandez? -- @RWillyNYM

I ran this by a Scouting Director, who likes the Kiké Hernandez comp. He also brought up Marcus Giles. A second director came up with a “poor man’s Alex Bregman.” He's a hard one to comp because of his size.

Would Jacob Berry makes sense for Pittsburgh at 4? GM Ben Cherington seems to prefer college bats, and an area of need in the system is corner OFs/1B. -- @RHouset

I think it could make a ton of sense, though Berry very well could go in the top three. Mostly because the Pirates have gone college bats at the top of late, not because of any need in the system. When you pick at No. 4, you take the best player, unless a deal is in play.

Who do you personally think would be the best pick for the Pirates at 4? -- @Jason_Shetler

They've gone college bat last two years, and I do like Brooks Lee (that's who Jim Callis went with in his mock). Personally, if Druw Jones and Termarr Johnson are gone, I'd go big with Elijah Green.

Four players have received 65+ hit tool grade prospects since 2014 in the Draft class. One and two are Termarr Johnson and Brooks Lee. Who are the other two? -- @yasu_baseball

Got some help from the crack MLB Pipeline research staff (shout out to Jason Ratliff): A pair of college bats. Nick Madrigal, who was the No. 4 pick in the 2018 Draft. And Austin Martin, who went No. 5 in 2020. Both earned 65 hit grades leading into the Draft.

Who is a player outside your top 15 that you could see raising his stock enough to go top 5? -- @advancedstats23

There are some good options here. College catchers like Logan Tanner or Daniel Susac, a high school arm like Jackson Ferris (less likely, but he is a left-handed pitcher). College arms tend to float up, but there are too many questions for most. One option is Mississippi State’s Landon Sims if he shows he can start in the spring.

Who could the Mets realistically pick 11th and 14th overall? I would have to assume most of the top 10 -- even for a list done this early -- would still be pipe dreams. -- @aninsanemetsfan

Not necessarily. Even if the top 10 we just put out doesn't budge (it will), a team (or teams) picking ahead of the Mets will surely reach/cut a deal with a player, moving a top 10 type down. Could be some interesting arms available in the 11-15 range otherwise.

Is there any chance that Jayson Jones will be a first round pick? His hitting potential deserves more recognition. -- @ckwb7tk

Sure. If Jones can get back to the more disciplined approach he's shown in the past. He sold out for power too much over the summer, leading some to question the hit tool. He has enough strength/bat speed to let the power show up without swinging for the fences.

Carson Palmquist is a clear snub here. #66? Dude deserves to be top 20 at least. Please explain the reasoning behind this. -- @D_HEFFNER

The lefty from Miami has really good stuff and a deceptive delivery, but he's never started a game. He could move up quickly if he shows he can handle it in the spring. We just don't know how the stuff plays when he's stretched out.

Rapid fire questions -- pick between Jackson Jobe/Dylan Lesko and Henry Davis/Daniel Susac -- @RHouset

My gut feel is Lesko and Davis. But I think they're close on both fronts.

What are the chances both Jung brothers end up in the Rangers organization? -- @LuckyGuy2017

I think it could make sense. The Rangers pick No. 3 overall and the young Jung is No. 6 on the list as one of the better college bats in the class. Texas has taken a college guy with its top pick three years in a row.